Monday, October 23, 2006

Ha ha, my evil assault shotgun plan is complete...

...and now I shall rule the world!!!!

Or at least be the envy of tactical tommies everywhere.

Lets total up this build eh...

1. Mossberg 500a special purpose: $399 retail ($300 street)
2. Knoxx Sidewinder conversion kit: $249.95
3. Knoxx SpecOps stock: $129.95
4. B-square Weaver rail: $6.99
5. Cabelas open red dot sight: $69.99
6. Fiber optic front bead: $18.95
7. Padded sling: $20
8. Cheek piece: $20
9. Sidewinder drum mag: $99.95

Total: $1015 retail
Total I actually paid: $640

Actually, either way it's a lot of scratch for a plain old 12ga; but it's a hell of a lot less than one of those fun little Franchi, or Benelli bad boys.

As far as I'm concerned, I couldn't have a better home defense long gun.

Oh, wait, I need a weaponlight… damn.