Thursday, October 05, 2006

The four motivations

At core, there are really only four motivations in this world:
  • Preservation
  • Procreation
  • Power
  • Profit
Forget about Maslows Hierarchy of needs (self actualization? Please...) when it boils right down to it the four P's are it.

Preservation covers self preservation, life preseravtion, societal and social preservation, and even part of the procreation urge. Procreation... well let's include other lusts in that as well; is self explanatory.

Now, power and profit...

The study of economics is so important, because economics govern both power relationships, and profit relationships; in that economics isn't the study of money, but the study of cost (of all kinds, financial is only one of them), incentive (and dis-incentive), result, and consequence.

Economics is all about profit and power; history is all about economics and psychology; and psychology is all about... yup, those motivations again.