Friday, October 13, 2006

Dianne Feinstein Memorial Assault Shotgun - Part Deux

So, about six weeks ago, I picked up a new shottie, christinging it, the "Dianne Feinsteain Memorial Assault Shotgun" because of course it is evil and nasty and scary to liberals with its powers of making ordinary every day gun owners into total psychopaths, merely by having a prominanent and protruding pistol grip, and a detachable ammunition feeding device capable of holding more than five rounds.

Ooooh, isn't is scary?

Or rather, wasn't it scary? Because I've recently modified the DFMAS, so that it is actually useful in it's intended capacity as a home defense weapons thusly:

The gun as it came from the pawn shop was essentially unworkable; which I'm sure is why it was sold to said pawnshop after having less than 10 rounds put through it. I took it out to the range, and after 10 reduced recoil buckshot rounds I said "Yeah, I don't want to shoot this anymore".

Of course I knew that would happen, having fired a crusier gripped 12ga before; and having a basic understanding of physics and biology. Thus, I had planned on installing a Knoxx recoil reducing stock; and as you can see from the photos, I have done so.

With the addition of the Knoxx SpecOps stock, and a fiber optic front sight, my Sidewinder conversion is almost complete. The only thing I need now is a picatinny rail and a red dot for it (I'm thinking one of the Trijicon reflexes so we don't have to worry about batteries); because Mel has trouble aiming it without a rear sight reference for the front bead (yes I know, it's a shotgun and you point not aim, she still doesnt like it).

The only problem I have is, does this make it less evil and sacry, or MORE evil and scary, because now it's not a "concealable weapon", but it does have an evil military style collapsible stock...

Range report to follow shortly.