Saturday, January 06, 2007

Catching up on traffic...

Well, we're jsut about a month shy of my two year blogiversary; and since Kim was reviewing his traffic today I figured I'd take a look at mine.

I know some folks look at their traffic stats all the time... heck, I did for the first few months; but I never really bother these days. I actually missed my 500,000 mark because I wasn't paying attention... and I'm not even sure where I am in the ecosystem anymore.

Anyway, as it happens, in about three days presuming I maintain average, I'll be at 500,000 unique visits since I converted over to a blogspot blog. About two days after that I'll hit the 650,000 total unique visits since I started tracking hits on my web site, some 10 years ago. A few weeks after that, I'll hit the 1 million page views mark.

10 years of occaisonal writing on my web site, and writing on other peoples sites and mailing lists; and I averaged about 15,000 hits a year; most of those on my resume. Two years of writing just about every day on my blog, and now I get that many hits in two weeks.

Oh, and in that two years, how many days that werent vacations, holidays, or weekends (when I don't generally post) did I miss? As of this week I believe it's eight; but I'd have to double check to make sure.

Next month for my two year blogiversary I'll be putting up another "Best of Anarchangel" post; where I go through everythign I've written on the blog for the last two year, and link them all up in one huge post; I'm not going to bother doing a "best of 2006" like so many folks are doing right now.

Anyway, thanks y'all for reading.