Saturday, January 27, 2007

Juggling Acts

Sorry my posting has been rather sparse these past couple of months, to say life has been complicated would be quite the understatement. I've been juggling a few very complicated situations and I haven't had the time or clarity of mind to write much.

At this moment Chris is on the phone with his mother trying to explain the gravity of the situation to her and trying to instruct her in what she has to do. It's very possible he will be managing her affairs from now on, with me helping him sort through and accomplish what needs to be done.

On Thursday we will be headed back to federal court for what is (hopefully) the last hearing on this particular case. I'm confident the judge will rule in our favor (though there is always the possibility that he won't) but it's still a rather trying and stressful affair.

On most other fronts things are okay. The kids are in good health and happy. My brother's kidneys are healing beyond all understanding of the doctors and he needs dialysis less and less. My father will start receiving full Social Security in May and has started letting the client base for his aircraft maintenance business dwindle so he has less and less work in expectation of semi-retirement. My mother is doing better health-wise and her blood pressure seems to be under control. My other 2 brothers are doing well, my grandparents are all right, and life is mostly stable elsewhere in the family. And Chris and I are all right, we both have a little pain due to our conditions but no more than usual.

So things overall are ok, we just have these two very complicated issues to deal with. But whatever happens we will be ok. The two of us are united, and that's all we need to weather these storms.


Just call me Mel, everyone else does.