Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Weight Loss Regress Report

Well, I can't very well call it a progress report now can I...

When we last caught up with our intrepid hero, he had managed to lose 60lbs between September 11th, and December 11th of 2006.

No mean feat let me tell you.

Well, combine knee injury, a month of near idleness due to sinus and upper respiratory infection, and the holiday diet hiatus, and I've managed to put 20lbs back on in the last month.

Now, I was planning on this. That's why we called a diet hiatus. Too many folks try to rigidly stick to their diets through the holidays and fail miserably which makes them give up in frustration. Not us; we just said "screw it, we're going to enjoy our holidays", and so we declared a hiatus for thanksgiving weekend, and another one from December 15th through January first.

I mean seriously folks; did you think I would go through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years without enjoying the 26lb Turkey, 22lb ham, 6lb prime rib roast, cream sauce, gravy, creme brulee, and the dozens of cakes and cookies (actually, hundreds of cookies in fact) that went along with it?

As of today though, it's back on the diet; and as soon as the final dregs of my sinus clear up, back to the workout schedule (do NOT try to work out with a sinus infection; it will do nasty things to you).

Am I upset by the 20lb re-gain? Hell no. It's normal and expected. Heck, it jsut shows I had a good time. Besides 20lbs may sound like a lot to you, but for a guy like me, 20lbs is like a woman putting on 5lbs over the holidays. No big deal.

Amazingly enough, Mel has managed to not gain any weight at all this month, and has in fact continued (though just barely), to lose weight. Her total is now floating between 17-19 lbs. with another 45-50 to go.

And yes, the food was worth it.. sooo so worth it.