Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rest in Peace Jimmy

Jimmy Kelly, Boston city councilman for 23 years, died yesterday.

Jimmy was a family friend, and a man I grew up with. He was there at my paernts Wedding, my Christening, my first Communion, my Confirmation...

He and my dad got in a fist fight once, because my grandfather didn't want my father dating my mother, and Jimmy and my grandfather were good friends... they came up together in Boston politics, and in the streets of Boston (though Jimmy wwas a lot younger than my grandfather).

Jimmy, you were a corrupt, thieving, weaseling bastard sometimes; but you stood up for your friends, and you stood up for your neighborhood, and for that I can respect you. You stood next to me at my grandfathers funeral, and for that I can forgive you your sins. I'm sorry I can't be there today.

Rest in peace friend.