Thursday, January 11, 2007

Album Cover Quiz

Ok rock junkies, try this Planet Rock Album Cover Quiz. As far as I can tell there aren't any repeats of artist, and I don't think there are any deliberate tricks like using alternate cover art or anything, but they crop the pics so it can be damn hard to recognize some of the covers.

I got 32 before I gave it up. I recognized several more but couldn't place them.

Anal guy that I am, I was irritated, went back, and got up to 35. I still recognize but cant place some of them

Again, anal guy that I am, I’mna list the ones I can’t place, by row and column

Row 1: 4
Row 2: 1 2 3
Row 3: 3 6
Row 4: 5
Row 5: (got them all)
Row 6: 5
Row 7: 2
Row 8: 4 5
Row 9: 1

Lord knows I hate a puzzle I can mostly solve but not quite. No spoilers in the comments yet; email me if you want to solve the ones I didn't get.

UPDATE: I managed to figure out another 7, bringing me up to 42, someone sent me one in email, then someone posted the complete list over at Kims forum; but I wont post that for a while. I've updated my "didn't know" list above. There were two bands and albums of the 54 that I didnt know at all, everythign else I was familiar with even if I didn't recognize the cover art.