Sunday, January 21, 2007

Halfway to a rematch

On January 26th, 1986, I watched my first Superbowl, that I was actually watching for the football, not just because of the party and the commercials.

My teams were playing.

I'm from Boston, and I've always loved the Patriots; but I've also always loved the Bears; and lord forgive me but that day I knew the Bears were going to win, and win they did trouncing the pats 46-10.

Ever since, I've been waiting for the rematch; though for most of that time it looked unlikely.

Well, 21 years later, and we're half way there.

Last week I said I trusted the Bears to make it through: that Drew Brees of the Saints was the better quarterback by far, but that the Saints were playing over their capabilities, and the Bears were just plain the better team.

Today I was proven right; in a far more convincing way than I expected.

As I write this, I've just watched the coin toss on the AFC championship game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, and I'm waiting for the kickoff.

Either way, history is going to be made today, but here I am, wanting my re-match; and knowing that the Pats and Colts have been here before, and every time the Pats have proven they want it more, and are willing to do more to get it.

This game is going to hurt; it's going to grind both teams down to a nub, but I believe the Pats are going to reach that one last foot, one last step, one last kick that will give me my rematch.

Lets do it boys.

UPDATE: 21-6 at the half for the Pats, and I feel vindicated in my low scoring prediction, because the score would have been 14-6 if it weren't for that interception. I'm still betting the under at 47.5, or at most one touchdown over it... unless we see more of those interceptions for touchdowns.

UPDATE 2: Wow.... I can't bliev this scond half. I've never sen the COlts step it up like this. Incredible come back; and back and forth. THe pats keep going up, and the colts keep catching it up. I gotta giveit to the Colts, their defense is holding amazingly given the big plays being made, and the Pats defense has just fallen apart (I think the flu has really hurt them). Less than 4 minutes to play, and I'm on the edge of my seat.