Friday, August 17, 2007

25 years of consumer ripoffs

Yes folks, today is the 25th anniversary of the CD.

The reason I titled this as I did is that a few years ago the major record companies lost a major class action lawsuit that almost no-one seems to know about, wherein it was proved that they had anti-competitively in collusion with each other fixed the prices of CDs as artificially high from their introduction until the mid 90s.

Anyone who could prove they bought cds from those record distributors was entitled to a ... I think it was 14 cents per cd... rebate from them. The kicker though? It was redeemable only in new cds from said record companies at full MSRP.

THe lawyers got paid though... oh my yes they did.

SO, blatantly ripping off a few dozen other bloggers (I'm jsut following in the record companies tradition), what was the first CD you ever bought?

The first CDs I actually bought for myself were Alice in Chains "Dirt", Megadeths "Countdown to Extinction", and Nine Inch Nails "Broken".

I guess that would put it at Christmas of '92?

I was so late to the party, because up until then I didn't have a CD player. I got one for Christmas that year, because they were finally cheap enough that I could afford one.

The first vinyl album I ever bought was Beastie boys "Licensed to Ill".. must've been fall of '86. I don't remember what the first tape was... I think it was Bon Jovis "Slippery When Wet"... which would've been the same year.

The first "real" as in non-childrens album I ever got was a gift of Michael Jacksons "thriller" because I think it was a law that if you were alive in the years 1982 through 1985 you had to own a copy of that album... though I actually preferred "Off the Wall" which came out before I started listening to music; and while Michael was still black.