Thursday, August 30, 2007

Much Needed Blogroll Update

So for the first time in about a year and a half I went through my blogroll. I deleted or updated about a dozen, and added about 20, to indicate the blogs I read at least once a week.

I might as well tell people what my blogrolling policy is.

1. I only blogroll blogs I read at least once per week; and generally only those I read three times a week or more. I don't do link exchanges etc... and don't expect them in return.

2. Write good stuff well; don't just be a linker. There's only one heavy linker in my blogroll, and he's a personal friend, who when he does write something original, is quite funny and interesting.

3. Have a visual format and layout that I can stand to look at. There are a few blogs that I read on an occasional basis that I like the content on but can't read unless I disable their page styles (thank you Firefox)

4. If you are dealing with facts, be true, factual, relevant, and mature. I love the humor of Iowahawk and FrankJ, but I don't read them on a regular basis, because I don't like their non-funny stuff. SteveH on the other hand I read a couple times a day, because although everything he writes is funny, it's also useful and relevant (though not always tasteful).

5. The second most important factor (the first is to write good stuff, well); post at least three times a week, preferably every day. In almost three years, there have been less than 8 weeks where I have had less than 5 days of posts in a week. I almost always have a new post Monday through Thursday; but only do "the good stuff" on Fridays and weekends (unless I get a wild hair or inspiration of some kind). Even if I don't have much, I try and post something, just to let people know I'm still here and thinking about writing.

If you think I should be linking you, and I'm not (for example if you know from your logs, or from frequent comments that I read your blog); or if you think I would LIKE your blog and would then link you, let me know here in comments.

If you thought you WERE on my blogroll and aren't there anymore, it's probably an accident; let me know.