Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Didn't finish any blog posts today

I've got I think 8 posts on the back burner waiting for me to finish them (maybe more... I've been lazy lately); but I didn't manage to finish any today, because I was writing my application for this:

Who Wants to Write for Toolmonger?

We’re on the prowl for bloggers who have a passion for tools and all things Toolmonger. If you’ve got what it takes to join the Toolmonger team, drop us a line at jobs (at) with the subject line “Toolmonger Writer Search.” In the body give us your name, your three favorite tools, and two original, unpublished posts of around 50 to 200 words in the Toolmonger style.

A few notes: We’ll delete all emails with attachments, so include all your text in the email body itself. Not the world’s best writer? If you’re the world’s best tool finder, we might be able to help. Our biggest requirements are that you’re interested and that you’re committed.

Good luck!

SO of course it being me, my submission started out at 400 words; even though I was trying to write it short. I ended up mercilessly slashing it down to 200, and sending them a few linked samples for good measure.

Honestly, I'd really love to do this. I love tools, I love woodworking, metalworking, and gunsmithing... and I love toolmonger (it's my favorite linky blog - as opposed to writing/essay/rant oriented blogs).

Besides, they NEED someone to write some longer material. Basic howtos, hacks and substitutions, longer reviews etc... instead of doing quite so much linking. I'd also appreciate reading something from the perspective of someone who isn't a complete beginner, but who isn't a professional contractor either (as both the Toolmonger guys are)

I have no idea what the gig pays, or if it pays anything at all for that matter; or what exactly they are looking for. Let's see if I get the gig before I start thinking about that.