Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Meme to Remember

Well this one is ...interesting

Type in a letter of the alphabet, and list what site comes up first in your autocomplete.

A: (no surprise there)
B: (I found this meme there, again no surprise)
E: (that's my webmail interface)
F: (Jeds blog)
G: (considering I co-run it, I'd have been amazed if it was anything else)
H: (my commenting engine, again I'd be amazed if it was anything else
I: (at least a dozen visits a day - I'm a pop culture junky)
J: (Joel Spolskys blog)
K: (Kris Barrets blog)
L: (who doesn't read Lileks?)
M: (Connies Blog)
N: (Ogs blog)
R: (Rivrdogs blog)
S: (again, they're my stat engine so it's not surprise)
T: (I'm a co-founder and contributor there)
W: (by far my most visited site that I'm not directly connected to)
X: (Xaviers blog)
Z: (I was looking for some shoes for the wife)

Note, some autocompletes work differently than others. Some autocomplete favorites first, some go by most recent, some go by most frequently visited in history.