Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sickeningly Cute

Jim brought over his new puppy yesterday for the kids to play with, and to try and get some socialization with other dogs.

This is Harley:

He's a not yet three month old brindle boxer, and english bulldog mix; and you can definitely see it in his face (looks a bit like Churchill there if you ask me).

He's all boxer in the body, long and thin with limbs to match; and he's gonna be a big'un based on his limb length and the size of his paws.

The socialization with the kids went very well... with Mac, not so much.

Mac was fine, and tolerant of Harley to a point. That point is where the puppy started to try to get a bite or paw on his flank or back. Mac was not amused and made it very clear; but the pup kept going. Finally Mac had to snap at him in a serious way to get Harley to back off, and I decided rather than tempt fate with a stupid puppy, I'd put Mac in the back yard.

Through it all, mac was inordinately well behaved. Mac jsut isn't dog agressive unless faced with hostility; or in this case youthful exuberance. As soon as the pup gets a little more dog socialization I'm sure he'll be fine with Mac and vice versa, but until then I'd rather not have the pup provoke Mac into hurting him.