Thursday, August 09, 2007

Further Proof that People are F@*%ed Up

So I'm looking through my various logs, and I notice there are a lot of patterns in my traffic. All sorts of things, like for example about 1/3 my hits are from search engines and link aggregators, about 1/3 are from bookmarks or RSS feeds, and about1/3 are links from other content providers (blogs and other web pages), with a small percentage coming from emailed links.

Good stuff to know really.

What gets me though, are the search words. Some of them make sense. My top three search terms (not actually including my name or the word Anarchangel) are

1. Battle Rifle
2. Bullpup Rifle
3. Infidel

OK, I get that; I've written a fair bit about those topics.

My fourth most popular search term however is the one that bugs me.

"Young boys penis"

See, a couple years ago I did a post which featured a reductio ad absurdium of gun control called "Sensible Penis Control" wherein I used the example of a pedophile who couldn't stop touching young boys, because his penis compelled him to.

Sometimes I get over 100 hits per day from people looking for young boys penises; and it's never less than 20 or so.

Of course this post is just going to increase that number, considering the number of times I've mentioned young boys penises... and that it's likely a lot of my fellow bloggers with a similar sense of right and wrong as mine will widely link this one.

Now, for all of you who have come here from a Google search for young boys penises, I have a message:

I've got your IP addresses, access times, and technical data about your computers that you can't easily fake or change.

The net CAN be "anonymous" if you know what you're doing, and re-route things round in circles etc... but those "evidence eliminator" programs ,most of y'all use thinking they'll protect you? Yeah those don't work. Hell, using google earth, I can sometimes even find pictures of your houses.

I also have friends in the FBIs anti-child porn taskforce, and the center for missing and exploited children. See, I actively hunt down child pornographers, collect evidence on them, and report them to the FBI; and have for years.

Have fun in prison. They just LOVE shorteyes in Lewisburg.