Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saw K-VIlle last night

Wish I could say I was disappointed; but honestly I had such low expectations that would have been impossible; though I will say it lived down to all of them.

The acting was mediocre. Anthony Anderson does WAY too much scenery chewing, everyone else is about as emotionally expressive is Al Gore on Xanax. And talk about one dimensional... Gumby had more depth than this.

But the worst part is, its a paranoid liberal conspiracy theorists wet dream of a plot. I wont "spoil it" in case you want to watch, but it comes down to "poor black people good, rich white people bad, poor white people mostly bad, republicans and the military evil and VERY bad".

I was close to shutting it off several times, but decided to watch it to the end, to see if it got any better... It got FAR worse. The last ten minutes had more unmitigated, so stupid it's offensive crap in it that I was actually pissed off at the producers and networks for airing a show so ridiculous bad, inaccurate, and stupid.

They've only made and scheduled six episodes, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if they axed the show before that run was over.

Argh Matey, they need be walkin the plank indeed.