Saturday, September 22, 2007


The endgame is the portion of a game of chess, in which the previously played part of the game has determined a strictly limited set of possibilities, which will inevitably result in the end of the game.

We have reached endgame stage with Islamism. That which has come before, has limited our options; and laid our available moves and possible end states, out before us.

Fran Poretto has a post up today talking about how the so called mid-east peace "process" is a sham, and that there can only be three ends:
  1. The current state of low intensity conflict continues forever, or until such time as one of the other two conclusions occurs

  2. Israel is defeated and the Islamists direct all of their energies on the west.

  3. Israel defeats the Islamists utterly (hopefully with aid from the rest of the world, especially the US).
I came to a similar, and more sweeping conclusion some time ago with regards to the general conflict between the western nations and the Islamist nations (or non state actors such as Al Qaeda).

There really seem to only be a few possibilities here:
  1. Accept Islamic domination, and convert or become slaves.

  2. Kill or convert them all.

  3. Contain them all until such time as we can convert them, or Islam goes through a radical reformation away from it's toxic values. Any that leave the containment zone without being converted are then killed on sight.

  4. Institute the Bellum Romanorum - Kill 100 of them for every one of us who dies in an attack. Kill 1000 of their children for every one of our children who dies in an attack. Destroy 1 of their cities for every bomb that a Muslim explodes in the west. Destroy ALL of their cities if a single nuclear, biological, or chemical attack is ever conducted. Hold all responsible for the actions of the terrorist groups until such time as they are all rooted out and killed, and an internal reformation occurs.

  5. Give them such a crushing and humiliating military, and cultural, defeat that anytime anyone even suggests militancy they are stoned to death by their own people. Repeat the process until it stops being necessary; due to internal reformation.
The mind, the very soul; recoils from such possibilities.

All but the last of these are morally repugnant; requiring near genocide, a a police state, and a fundamental denial of the human right of freedom of conscience. The last requires sacrifice and war with an indeterminate end.

Each of these possibilities requires every Muslim to either change their beliefs or die. In this there is no option.

Islam must accept western morality and culture as a part of the world, which they have no right to change by force. They may become a proselytizing culture, but they cannot be allowed to use force, violence, or coercion to impose their beliefs or culture on others. If they cannot reform to this state internally, they must be destroyed utterly.

Any who would suggest the proposition "Let's just give them what they want and leave them alone, and we'll live in peace"; you have proven yourself a fool, unworthy to speak by dint of your ignorance, stupidity, willful blindness, or delusion.

I would no more accept your idea than I would the idea that the sun revolves around the earth; because on it's face it is clearly false, and in fact stupidly dangerous.

What they want, is the utter destruction of western culture, followed by the death, conversion, or enslavement of all who followed it; and they will not rest until this is accomplished.

If the Islamists stopped making war on the west, there would be peace. If the west stopped defending itself from Islamists, there would be death and slavery.

Islam, as it exists today is evil and must be utterly destroyed; either from within through reformation, or from without through extermination.

Islam explicitly commands Islamism, which is fundamentally incompatible with all other cultures and societies. Yes, there are many muslims who do not follow the path of Islamism; however it is a fundamental part of their religion which they chose to ignore (and thus are apostate - whom the Islamists also wish to destroy).

Simply, Islam cannot be allowed to exist as it stands today; or there will be unending war, of their making, not ours.

I don't like any of these options; but I don't particularly see any other that don't involve Islamists trying to kill or enslave all westerners - in fact all those who do not follow their particular brand of Islam - 'til the end of time.

There are sometimes brilliant moment in the endgame, where a genius, or an idiot, can change their options; can leap to something not seen by others, or find conclusions and possibilities that no-one anticipated.

Perhaps such a solution can present itself to this conflict. I pray for such things now; but we must prepare ourselves for those conclusions which I have laid out above.

If you do see such an option, tell me; I'll gladly take any other realistic possibility, because I don't like the prospects for those I see thus far.