Monday, September 10, 2007

NFL- Week one

Well now, wasn't that interesting?

Remember what I said about not expecting too much from Randy Moss this season; that he would be good, but I didn't expect anything great?

Yeah... I was wrong.

9 receptions for 183 yards averaging over 20 yards a catch... Keep up the good work Randy.

To Ellis Hobbes: After returning a kickoff for 108 yards to set a new (and unlikely to be broken) NFL record, let me just say I'm sorry about those nasty things I said; you keep on doin what you're doin K.

Oh and to Rodney Harrison? Yeah, go fuck yourself.

Honestly, this wasn't much of a contest. The pats brought their A game, and their A game is better than jsut about anybody else. Brady went 22 for 28 and 297 yards, no sacks, and no interceptions. Maroney and Morris had 74 and 54 yards rushing respectively. Moss got his 183 and a TD, Hobbes his 108 yard return for a TD, and Welker pulled in a solid 61 yards and a TD.

Meanwhile, the Jets just didn't bring it. Pennington had a solid passing day until he was hurt, 16/21 and 167 with 2td; but they just couldn't run the ball at all, with only 60 yards total rushing; and honestly Penningtons numbers don't reflect how the Pats defense was pushing them around out there (though the 3 sacks might be an indication).

I'm pretty happy with 38-14 really.

The big surprise of the day for me was Green Bay. They did it with solid play, keeping the penalties and turnovers down, good time management, taking advantage of the Eagles mistakes, and minimizing the impact of their own.

That's the definition of how to win football games right there folks.

It was a similar story for Tenessee, as they managed a somewhat surprising victory over J'ville; mainly on the back of a spectacular rushing performance by Chris Brown (19 carries, for 175 yards); maintaining a huge time of possession, and yardage advantage. The Jacksonville defense did a great job stuffing Young, holding him to 11 for 18 and 78 yards; but the offense just didn't capitalize, and when you don't have the ball, and you don't make plays, you don't win games.

Chicago... man... What happens when you go 12 for 23 on 12 yards a catch, and four turnovers? You get dominated by 60 yards of offense and 15 minutes time of possession Rex; that's what happens. You might have been able to pull that against the Lions, but it won't get you anywhere against the Chargers. Thank god you've got a better defense than your arm or the blowout would have been 28 points instead of 11.

A similar one sided result between seattle and Tampa Bay. Not that I expected great things from Tampa Bay, but this was a surprisingly dominating scoring performance from Seattle. The Bucs played well mid field, but they never made the yards, and didnt execute in the red zone on either side of the ball.

Falcons without Michael Vick... about what we expected... though really, no-one has expected that kind of rape by vikings since the 8th century. Two defensive touchdowns.. and an Atlanta "team" without any teamwork, leadership... Better luck next year boys.

Meanwhile, Cowboys fans are celebrating a "BIG WIN" for their season opener; in a 45-35 victory against the Giants.

Hate to say this bubba, but any game where your team allows 35 points to be scored against them, isn't much reason to celebrate.

New England, Carolina, Pittsburgh, Indy, San Diego, Seattle, and Minnesota... now they’ve all got something to celebrate: A margin of victory of 10 or more points, and less than 14 points scored against them (oh and ah Houston, but honestly, I don't know what the hell that game was. I think everybody on KC must have been on a special kind of crack that makes you slow and stupid).

The Cowboys on the other hand should be on their knees tonight thanking a benevolent and merciful god... as should the Broncos, in what has to be the least deserved victory of the day.

God loves you guys, make sure he knows you love him too K.

Tonights games... I don't much care to be honest with you. If they turn out to be interesting (like the Ravens actually living up to the great expectations the sportswriters seem to have for them), hey great; but I won't be watching. If the Ravens crush the Bengals, it won't be a big surprise. If they choke and die, it wont be a big surprise either.

As for Cardinals 9ers.. well, does anybody really care all that much? I mean other than hardcore fans, is anyone gonna watch this one? Two lower middle teams; one playing at home in a city where the fans all support another team (that also sucks), and one not having any fans at all, even at home (okay, there may be a FEW Cardinals fans here in AZ, but I don't know any).

Best of luck boys.