Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CavArms raided by the ATFE

Just saw on the news that the ATF raided CavArms in Gilbert.

Here's the link to the Local News Video

Lots of PSH, and complaints about how CavArms videos were demeaning and offensive to Muslims. CAIR has made a statement calling this video deplorable etc... etc...:

Here's a more balanced and factual (though still completely devoid of content) story from AZCentral.

ANd a video with somewhat more detail, though not much; taken from an interview with an ATF agent on the scene.

No news as to what actual justification the ATF is using here, but I've done business with CavArms, and I don't believe for a second that they've done anything wrong.

Watch that news video, and be prepared to be pissed off at the blatant anti-gun and pro ATF propaganda.