Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bad luck and Trouble

Mel just had her second car accident in three weeks; neither her fault.

A few weeks back, she was dropping the kids off at Grandmas house for the weekend. The route to grandmas is a narrow twisty mountain road, with off camber turns, and radical elevation changes and grades in turns etc...

Well, she came around a corner, and a little white POS econobox was in her lane; and there isn't exactly anywhere to go. She pulled as far to the side as possible without risking plunging over the side, and the genius of lane discipline scraped the entire drivers side length of the truck with his mirror.

Better though, he never stopped.

Thankfully everyone was OK, and the only damage to the truck is a long scrape that can be buffed right out.

She reported it to DPS, who gave her static about leaving the scene... lessee, twisty mountain road in the middle of nowhere, with no safe place to pull of, and no cell reception... yeaahhhh... OK.

Then, this morning, she was coming back from dropping the kids off at school, when the chain of cars in front of her short stopped at an intersection. She managed to stop in time, the guy behind her didn't. He now has a hitch receiver shaped hole in his bumper; and again thankfully Mel is OK, just a little shook up.

Understandably though, Mel is a little freaked about driving at the moment.