Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Semi-Organized Chaos

So we're in the midst of piles of a large portion of our stuff/crap. Our project for this past weekend/this week/next weekend is to clean and reorganize the house.

First, there's the outside. I've had my workshop set up in my carport for some time; and now suddenly some officious idiot in the Scottsdale code enforcement office is saying it's an "excessive accumulation of materials" whatever the hell that is.

So Saturday, and Sunday morning, working around preparations for the game, we cleaned up the entire front of the house; including moving several hundred pounds of benchtop and floor standing tools, and the benches they rest on.

I was planning on starting to build the shed (we have to build a shed for the tools etc... because of Scottsdale yuppy idiot dicta), but it started raining, so I got the wood (600 lbs of it) under cover and finished the cleanup/move job.

Then we started on the inside.

I work from home, we have all the gun and reloading stuff, and Mel is a stay at home mom with a serious crafting hobby (she bakes, does leatherworking, sewing, embroidery, stained glass, and marquetry... prehaps it's not so much a hobby as a fetish).

Up until recently, we tried having the smaller "spare" room be my office, workshop, and gun room; but it just got to be too much stuff in too little space. I could squeeze everything in to the 12'x14', but actually working with any of it is another story entirely.

Meanwhile, Mel is swimming in the big spare room (what we've jokingly called the rumpus room since we moved in. It's about 26x16), and we're using it for overflow storage.

Worse from her perspective, it's not very private, and she needs a space where she can lock herself away every once in a while.

Then of course there's just all the general accumulation that comes with two kids, two cats, two dogs etc...

It got to the point where both were so full of crap, that neither room was usable; so we're swapping. She gets her own private, and for her much more comfortable room, with enough space to suit her needs; and I get more than twice the space, and my own entrance and exit (useful for hauling out the tools and loading up the gun stuff).

Of course in the mean time, we've got everything from BOTH rooms stacked up in the living room, dining room, exercise area, and back porch, so we can clean both of them. That's in addition to the tool stuff sitting on the back porch waiting for the shed to be built.

Oh and I've had to move out and break up the old couch (let me repeat DAMN the replacement couch is HUGE); move some of the book cases (two of them decided to self destruct in the process; but they were $20 specials anyway); and move and re-wire the home theater (it was a bit of a mess back there anyway).

Joy of joys, with all the weight I've been hauling around, my back and knees are killing me; but I'm pretty happy with having a useful office and gunroom again; and just getting re-organized in general.