Sunday, February 03, 2008

I don't hate Glocks

I've written many times in these pages about the pros and cons of various weapons; and on occasion I make fun of Glock and HK shooters.

Seriously, how can you not? The Counterstrike Commandos are so insane in their advocacy of their chosen weapons (most of whom have never fired one, and if they have, its usually the ONLY weapon they've ever fired) that they simply MUST be mocked.

Seriously, I don't actually hate Glocks, in fact I've owned... five I think; and I own an HK right now (a custom USP compact .45), probably my sixth or seventh.

I just like making fun of Glock zealots (or HK or 1911 zealots for that matter). As I said yesterday, chest beating for brand loyalty never made much sense to me.

I actually often recommend the G19 as a first concealed carry gun. It's small, it's relatively inexpensive, and it just works.

Thing is, I don't own any Glocks right now. I've owned them because they were good guns, but I alway end up selling them (same with my HKs, and I'm thinking of selling my current HK); because although they "just work", I just don't like them that much.

Why not?
  • Even when worked on by experts, their triggers are at best mediocre.

  • The 9mm versions are comfortable enough in the grip, but they're kinda big, thick, and bulky for 9mm. I have smaller 9mm pistols... hell, I've even got smaller .45s

  • I have huge hands, and even for me, the grip frame for their .45 and 10mm guns is like gripping a 2x4.

  • Have you ever looked at one? Seriously, they're ugly as hell. I mean, I firmly believe that form follows function, but some style, grace, elegance... might be nice.
I really wish they'd make more of their single stack models. Yes you'd lose capacity, but it would fix my biggest ergonomic complaint.

Basically, Glocks do everything competently, reliably, and without complaint; but other than reliability and durability, they don't do anything to the degree of excellence.

I don't mind paying a bit more, and taking a bit more effort, for excellence. Why have function alone, when you can have form AND function?

So, to my mind, the Glock is for somebody who wants to have a reliable gun, doesn't care how it looks, doesn't much care for "feel", and doesn't want to think about it too much.

That's a fair number of people... Some of whom will eventually graduate to 1911s.

See, I can't help it. The Glocknuts get so pissed when you do that to them.

... and like I said yesterday, don't even get me started on HK. It won't be pretty. Let's just say, they're good, but they aren't THAT good; they're expensive, they have horrible customer service, and they (and their partisans) have an attitude that makes Mac owners look apathetic.

Let me close with the words of Larry Correia:

HK - Because you suck, and we hate you.