Friday, February 08, 2008

Oh me wantssssss dammmit

Larry, the proprietor of Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns, the coolest gun shop in Utah; and author of "Monster Hunter International"; is organizing a group buy through his store, to achieve the next higher status of CZ retail partner.

He's advertising on his own site, arfcom, the high road etc... and I thought some of my readers would be QUITE interested.

The first thing to know is that the group buy covers ALL CZ-USA weapons, including Dan Wesson.

The second thing to know is, he's cut the price to ridiculously low levels. He hasn't specifically said, but I believe it's at cost, plus $25 shipping and transfer fee. He's not advertising prices (can't advertise below list), but if you email him with a specific model, he'll give you a price.

I emailed him, and let me put it this way; if I had the cash, I would buy every CZ I wanted through him right now, that's how good the pricing is.