Thursday, January 28, 2010

I had a pretty good day

Do you know what happens when you put your boot down on the pedal of an all wheel drive, six liter, twelve cylinder, twin turbocharged coupe with 553 horsepower and 479ftlbs of torque?

Well, I do.

You reach 60 miles per hour in a little under 5 seconds, with a BIG DAMN SMILE ON YOUR FACE.

I drove this today:

Damn... It isn't the prettiest thing in the world, but it is for damn sure the best car I've ever driven. Incredibly comfortable, fast, GREAT noise, refined, great handling... I love it.

It's a 200mph car and it feels as comfortable at 25mph as it does at 100mph. It's amazing.

Of course, for $267,000 (new, MSRP anyway) it had better be. Yeah... not gonna buy a car that costs as much as a house.

But still... damn.

Before that, my wife and I found a really decent, and very cheap, Greek/Armenian/Chicago diner food place that delivers, and we happen to be in the delivery area. Great gyros, great baklava... can't ask for more.

Also, I've lost eleven lbs in the last three weeks. Let's hope I can keep that up (not visiting the Greek place too much would be a good plan for that).