Friday, January 01, 2010

Holy Crap, it's 2010

I mean... Seriously...

It's frikken 2010.

Remember 1980? Reagan getting elected? Eagle Claw, the boatlift, Mt. St. Helens, CNN, Pac Man, Empire Strikes Back, Bonn Scott, John Bonham, John Lennon... all 30 years ago.

Tyson, Gorbachev, New Coke, back to the future, the rainbow warrior, the Amiga, the first Calvin and Hobbes, and windows 1.0... All 25 years ago.

Mandela gets out, Tyson loses, the SJ Games raid, the Baltic states leave the USSR and the Balkans democratize.., Windows 3, Jim Henson, Iraq invades Kuwait, Germany reunifies... 20 years ago...


2010... Seriously?