Thursday, January 21, 2010

That's It, I'm Never Flying via Airline Again

I knew the final straw was on its way.

I've flown my entire life. My father is an A&P IA (Airframe and Powerplant and Inspection Authority). For those of you who aren't aviation oriented, that means he's an aircraft mechanic and inspector. For all of my life he's worked on private aircraft and I've been in small aircraft many times since infanthood, whether flying, detailing, or hooking things up in hard to reach spots (small hands can be quite useful).

I've also been flying on major airlines by myself since I was 6.

I've seen quite a few changes.

Enhanced security? Sure. It didn't bother me when non-passengers weren't allowed at the gates anymore, and metal detectors have never really bothered me.

Lately though, "security" has gotten out of hand.

Shoes? Meh.

Liquids? Irritating.

Full body scans? Um, no. I'm driving. That's it. Unless I need to go see someone on their deathbed, I'm not flying commercial. Ever again.

But that's not the worst of it. That's just TSA crap. I expect them to be incompetent and unthinking.

But Border Patrol or Customs messing with my (or anyone's) laptop? Oh no, that's REALLY crossing the frickin' line.

No, I don't really fucking care if it's only international. I've flown internationally far more often than I care to admit; legal proceedings in another country do that to you.

I've gone through Border Patrol and Customs on the way back to the US via auto and airline; I understand that a foreign airport is technically not US soil and that it can technically be pleaded that since its not US soil the Constitution doesn't apply.


I don't care if it's technically legal, it's still WRONG. Search and seizure without probable cause is still WRONG. Stealing intellectual property is still WRONG.

If I have to leave the country, or God forbid finally go on an actual vacation to the Bahamas or wherever, I am NOT going through Border Patrol and Customs on foreign soil. I am NOT flying.

If Border Patrol and Customs is going to pull this shit on me or anyone, let them pull it on US soil. Let's see this go to the Supreme Court again.