Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Process Story

Y'all might have noticed, I've been relatively content free for a couple weeks... Really since before the holiday.

The thing is, I've got a ton of stuff about 3/4 written; almost ready to go, that I can't quite finish.

And it's a process problem

I generally don't write much during the day... at least in terms of personal writing, as opposed to writing for work, which I do all day long.

I'm an insomniac, and a late night person; and I do most of my writing for the blog at night, in bed, on my laptop. I'm comfy, and nothing else is in the way, and I can just let the ideas flow from brain to fingers to keyboard.

When I'm writing for work, I rarely get blocked up. I generally don't have a problem just working through whatever is going on to get things done on time.

Writing for the blog though, is a different story (as is my fiction, or poetry). I can't push it, when it comes it comes.

The problem at the moment though, is that my process is being disrupted by not having my laptop.

I'm on my netbook sat the moment, which is great for reading, and for short posts, but it's just too cramped to write anything long and involved on. The keyboard is fine for a few minutes of typing, but the hours of typing it takes to write 10,000 word posts... just can't do it. Also the screen is just too small to have multiple windows and tabs open to flip back and forth to, as I like to do with posts that take a lot of research (as these 1000 yard posts do).

If it was work, I'd just suck it up and do it, but blogging is optional. It's supposed to be fun.

Of course it's also frustrating as hell, because I WANT to publish this stuff, I want to finish writing it... hell, the reason I write the blog is because there are tons of ideas rattling around my head, and I need to get them out, or I go a bit nuts and start ranting in public places etc...

Better than shooting every idiot I come across I suppose...

Anyway, the laptop has been non functional since the week before Christmas, but with the vagaries of the holidays it didn't get into their depot until January fifth; and the status on it wasn't updated until last night; when they listed an out of warranty repair required.

Odd given the problem is that the system is poorly designed, and oeverheats, which causes multiple component failures... none of which would be out of warranty.

So, HP called me up today and tried to say there were "scratches" on my LCD... which is rather odd. There were no scratches when I sent it out, and the problem wasn't the LCD at all.. which by the way they wanted $429 to replace. I told them just to do the in warranty repairs and send it back to me.

I just checked the status again, and there is now no shipping date scheduled, status, or punch list on the machine now...

So thats at least another two or three days before I get it back.

I'm a bit irritated.