Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hmm... Tarantino is into Breath Play.. SO not shocked

First things first, Conan is ON lately, now that he's canceled and Friday is his last show, hes letting it all hang out.

But what I'm really interested in here, is that Tarantino basically just outed himself as into kink... Not exactly surprising when you think about it; but it's pretty rare for anyone in the mainstream to talk about kink in public.

And yeah, look at his face when he's talking about it, he KNOWS that which of he speaks.

I used to be able to start a Hulu video at a specific minute, but apparently they'ved stripped that ability. The relevant segment starts at minute 24 (after the second commercial break) and goes through minutes 27.

Actually, just watch the show, it's pretty good this night... Paul Bettany is hilarious too.