Friday, January 13, 2006


Or at least, pretty damned funny in a cynical kind of way (and isn't that the best kind of way)...

"What I mean is, Americans don't generally take well to tyrants. We hate them so much, we'll travel thousands of miles overseas just to depose one or two of the nasty bastards. Can you imagine what we'd do if we ever got one here at home?

Give us a leftwing dictator, and soon enough every rightwing wacko would be up in the hills with his rifle collection and enough ammo to sink the Titanic. (Not that the Titanic needed any help sinking, but you get the idea.) If things got worse, it wouldn't take long before the wackos were joined by their center-right comrades. The only difference between them would be the price of their guns."

Hmm, well I know a few folks who think Henry Bowman is a piker, so yeah. 'cept I'm not a hard right winger by any stretch of the imagination, and I'd be one of the boys trying to get within 600 meters of our glorious leader in the first few days.