Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lefty Trolls

So, for the past three days or so my blog has been inundated with lefty trollers redirected from the patriot boy (remember what I said about the videos resurfacing every few months with a different group).

I've deleted literally hundreds of comments filled with nothing but bullshit, vulgarity, rudeness etc... Of the total comments recieved from these referrals, there have only bee two I havent deleted, because they were critical; but civil (oh and I got a couple of decent emails as well)

Honestly though, this one is my favorite:

" Yall are a bunch of faggits You love Jeff Gannon and the rest of the homos. George and Cheny and the rest NEVER served when they supported Vietnam. They are cowards and hate God. They have stolen billions from USA and piss on the tax payers. You faggot ass texans LOVE taxes! You love spying on people! you love letting HOMOS take over our government! Repukes stole how many hundreds of billions? All on taxpayer credit cards? Don' t republikkkans know that we've got to pay all that back someday? Are you children? Don't you know how to balance a check book? You just love stealing tax money, it's all free for George and the Oil Barons. You hate the constitution and you hate Voting. You just love the dictator and cock slurping Fags in the WhitheHouse. Republican = FAT FAGGOTS "
I got this ten minutes ago, and I'm still laughing. I mean I could tear the anonymous idiot to shreds, but honestly, why bother?

A note to lefty trolls:

1. Yes I am fat. I am aware of that. I am amused by your continuing insults. Oh how they wound me so.

2. No I am not technically a bastard, but I frequently act like one

3. I am most definitely not either gay, or impotent. I am not socially dysfunctional. I am not a psychopath, and I am not compensating for something. I even have a family. That said, if I were gay, so what? I thought that was OK? Please save your pop psychology for your own inadequacies thank you.

4. I am not from Texas, a "redneck' as you would define the term, uneducated, racist, or ignorant. I am almost certainly more intelligent and better educated than you are. I have two engineering degrees, an I.Q. somehere between the top 1/100th and top 1/1000th of one percent, and I grew up in that most liberal of cities, Boston. I, unlike almost all of you, have in fact read the Koran; and just about every other major religious text.

5. I am not a republican. I don't care for Bush. I think the patriot act is the second worst piece of legislation ever enacted by our federal government. I am a liberatarian (note the small L).

6. I am not a christian; nor would I care if anyone did this to christian symbols, so long as they owned them.

7. Many of you say "why don't you go and serve if you want to shoot muslims" etc... One, I don't particuarly want to shoot muslims, and two I served eight years in the Air Force and reserves.

8. What we did was not just a little YEEHA!, it was a political protest. Something y'all are quite fond of when you happen to agree with the topic of the protest; but somehow dont support at all when you disagree

9. I will delete, ban, and report as spam anyone using crass vulgarity and insulting invective to no good end in my comments. Oh and while "anonymous" posting is allowed, remember I do have your IP addresses, and can easily contact the abuse adminsitrator at your ISP.

10. I am more than open to reasonable and civil discussion or debate with people who disagree with me. Please, feel free to comment if that is what you are interested in. All others will be deleted.

Have fun