Thursday, January 12, 2006

Judging a man by his enemies, and his associates

So I'm looking through my logs, and theres another bunch of referrals from Patriotboy, referencing this comment:
"You've heard our dear leader previously refer to the "Axis of Evil." I have a group of conservative people who are more powerful than this pathetic Axis.

Without further ado, I introduce to you "The Arc of Stupidity."

Here are the four charter members:

Atlas Shrugs

Emperor Misha


Kim du Toit

Check out anarchangel and Du Toit's brillant recent posts on how non-peniled people should stay at home and raise the kids. These guys make Aristotle and Plato look like Yogi fucking Berra.

Beware the power of the arc!!"

I love it. Personally I'm proud to be included in the "Arc of Stupidity", I mean look at who I'd be associated with. I count Kim and Misha as friends, and I rather like some of what I've read at Atlas Shrugs. Patriotboy on the other hand...

Well lets jsut say I will never cease to be amazed by how so many nominally intelligent folks can be quite so stupid. I suspect deliberate idiocy and/or ignorance is involved, but I can't quite comprehend that.

I mean, how can anyone mis-read Kim and my paeans to loving family AND saving money doing it, as somehow saying that the "non-peniled" should be kept barefoot and pregnant? Not only that but how on earth could they be so insulting to Mel and Connie unless it was through deliberate stupidity.