Monday, January 02, 2006

The Year of the Gun

Jeff Soyer, AKA Alphecca has posted out to the gunblogger world, what guns have you acquired in 2005?

Well I began the year on a sad note selling off

1. Ruger Super Redhawk in .454
2. S&W 386P (7 shot titanium .357)
3. S&W 686P (7 shot stainless .357)
4. Custom Sig p229 with accessories (night sights, 6 mags, pouches, holsters, laser, 2 barrels)
5. Custom Glock 19 with accessories (night sights, 6 mags, pouches, holsters)
6. Custom Glock 21 with accessories (night sights, 4 mags, pouches, holsters, laser)

Thankfully most of them ended up with readers, friends, and fellow gun nuts; so I'm not too unhappy about that.

Of course that left some gaping holes in my overall gun collection, and I had some security issues later in the year, along with a financial turnaround which prompted me to pick up some things:

1. Custom Glock G36 with accessories (night sights, 6 mags, holster, pouches)
2. S&W 625 in .45acp (acquired from Kim)
3. Marlin 880SQ (acquired from Kim)
4. Custom 24" extra heavy 1-in-8 barrel (stainless) varmint upper for my AR (and a Millet 6-18x56 scope to go with it)
5. Sporterised Springfield 1903a3 in .30-06
6. Kel-Tec P3AT

Oh and for the fiance:

1. Ruger SP101 with accessories (her first gun)
2. HK USP compact .45 (because she liked mine, and a friend needed to sell his)

I'll take some pics and link to the posts I made about these later. Also I owe y'all range reports on almost all of these guns.

UPDATE: Shoot I forgot the SKS.. I picked up a Yugo 59/66, chopped off the bayonet (I'm thinking about shortening the barrel to 16.5" and just sticking a red dot up top), and put it into an ATI side folder. It's my new trunk gun, or it will be when I finally get it out to the range and run a couple hundred rounds through it to make sure it works.

Oh and my total gun expenditures for the year not including ammo, range fees, accessories tools and supplies, or presents to others? It looks like about $2500. I probably dropped another $2500 on the other stuff as well, so I guess my gunny costs for the year were about $5000.

Subtracting from that though, are the sales. The total I made off the gun sales was about $3000 (the extra mags and holsters etc... add up).

Given that, I actually spent more like a net $2000 on various gunnery this year (Of course that doesnt take into account the loss I took on the guns I sold, but I bought all of them in prior years).

Basically I bought much cheaper guns than the ones I sold. The guns I sold were almost all custom, or very desireable, or had lots of expensive accessories, or some combination of the above (and thus when I sold them, although I got good prices for them I still took a big bath); and all the guns I bought were either used, or I got a spectacular deal (or both).

The varmint upper was the most expensive acquisition this year, at $535, with the Glock about $10 cheaper, and the H&K $25 cheaper than that; but everything else for me was $300 or less (in some cases WAY less), and I got great deals on the SP101 and the Kel-Tec.