Friday, January 06, 2006

Stupid, Evil, Tolerant, Necessary

One of the lefty trolls who's comments I have been deleting finally asked why I was deleting them. I directed him to the post above; and he responded with this:
"And I think you are a liar because anyone with the education and intellect that you claim most certainly wouldn't have done something so childish, moronic and insulting.

It wasn't a political statement. It was a public display of how shallow and foolish you and your buddies are.

Feel free to delete. You're still a fool."
Ahh that comment at least, though insulting, was not vulgar.

No Dan, I'm not lying, and I'm not evil, and I'm not stupid, I'm not ignorant, I'm not a racist, I'm not a nazi ... I could go on but I think you should get the point by now.

I disagree with you very strongly.

You see, smart people, nice people, good people, they disagree with you.

Smart, nice, and good people agree with you too, but I happen to think they are wrong. This does not make me ignorant, evil, or stupid.

I think that just about every political and economic idea you have is wrong (along with most of the social ideas, but not all).

That doesnt make me ignorant, evil, stupid... maybe it makes me a bit of an asshole, but I can live with that.

Why do you think we did it Dan?

Did you even read the page I wrote on why?

Did you even know about the false stories about the Koran being flushed down the toilet , or the riots that ACTUALLY KILLED PEOPLE because of them?

Or did you simply act like an ignorant, small minded, shallow, fool (using the words of commenters including yourself) and have an immediate, violent, unjustified, intolerant, bigoted, stupid emotional reaction... funny enough just like those muslim rioters.

I mean honestly, do you really think that those who disagree with you are automatically bad because they disagree with you?

Do you believe that we are all ignorant, misguided, stupid, or evil?

I mean we must have good reasons for what we do, what we believe in jsut as you do? Or are we all just stupid or evil?

I want to bring up two more comments; both well thought out, but again, I believe; thought out from incorrect first principles:

The Bible pisses all over itself. You gentlemen are proof of that.
-- Renard 01.05.06 - 12:14 am

I must apologize for what I just wrote. I was acting in blind a stupid anger and I realize upon looking at the rest of your site that my comment was based on stupid, broad incorrect generalizations.

Please accept my apology, but please also realize that even though I am in no way a fan of Islam (quite the contrary, I am very much against almost all religions) your videos and comments were very offensive and "rednecky" in that they made it seem very much like you share the view of all Arabs being terrorists.

I also find it strange and sad that a lover of reading, as you describe yourself elsewhere on your site, would approve of book burning, a time honored tradition of fascists and close minded extremists.

-- Renazzle 01.05.06 - 12:57 am
This commenter, who I suspect I would like if given the chance, had the same initial reaction that Dan did, then he thought about it, and he looked at it, and he looked at my site, and he thought about it some more; and wrote something thoughtful and considered.

I understand the initial reaction. The videos ARE OFFENSIVE, if you believe that symbols are as important as reality; if you believe that people have a right not to be offended; if you believe that everyone should seek to understand and appreciate "other cultures" no matter what they are, or what they believe.

I don't believe any of that.

I believe that a book is just a book, no matter it's content; and the only symbols I have any particular attachment to are the american flag, and the ones tattooed into my arms.

I don't beleive that a book is, or can be, sacred.

I believe that private property IS sacred, and that one ought be able to do whatever one pleases with their private property, so long as it doesnt harm others; EVEN IF IT IS PROFOUNDLY OFFENSIVE TO OTHERS.

Burning books to deny knowledge, now that's wrong. Burning a particular book as a counter protest against terrorism... well, that's irony; at least if you have any sense of history.

Which brings me to the last comment I want to highlight:
"Homo Sapeins has been around for about 100,000 years. For all that time, we've struggled to build better lives, create civilizations, better understand our world and our Creator, and achieve something like peace with one another.

Your action detracts from this effort.

The book you men have destroyed is, like most human intellectual and spiritual achievements, imperfect, but is nonetheless a high pinnacle of human civilzation. Some passages in it speak to the yearning of the human soul for union with God in almost inexpressibly beautiful poetry. To destroy (or approve the destruction) of such a thing of spiritual beauty is the act of lunatics or beasts, not civilized men.

By this barbarous act you (and by their approval, your supporters) have joined your intellectual forebearers, the Nazi bookburners of Nuremburg, in an attempt to corrupt and nullify man's intellect, his soul, and his relationship with God. To say your acts are misguided would assume you have the humilty to attempt to learn from your betters to begin with, and since you evidently lack such humility, I am left to assume you, and everyone that thinks like you, is sunk either in hatred or genuine insanity to a pitiable degree.

You should be ashamed of yourselves."

-- John Fries 01.02.06 - 9:04 am
Yes, I have a somewhat dark sense of humor.

If you are offended by the Koran being burned, I ask you why? Would you particularly mind if it was Mein Kampf that was being burned? Or if it was a daily newspaper?

They are all of equal value as far as I am concerned. They are ink on a page. I bought them, I can piss on them, shoot them, burn them, blow them up... wait a sec, I already did.

They are symbols. Symbols mean nothing unless you make them. If I burn a symbol of your faith, is it the same as burning your faith? Have I harmed you in any way? Have I changed you in any way? Have I done anything at all wrong; except by the tenets of your own faith, which I am under no obligation to subscribe to.

Ahhh wait, there's the thing. Many of you want us to accomodate them. To accomodate anyone who is offended, or hurt, or shocked by anything. To accept others beleifs and act on them, because we must be "respectufl" or "tolerant".

I am sure than Mr. Fries believes what he has said. I'm sure some of you agree with him. I believe those of you with that belief are wrong; in fact you are fools.

Tolerance is not equal to acceptance, and even if it were I do not tolerate many muslim beliefs. I do not tolerate that women are evil, inferior to men, to be beaten to keep them in line, beheaded if they commit adultery. I do not tolerate that people who do not believe as I do should be killed.

I have destroyed my own private property. Some believe this is attacking their faith. Some believe it gives them the right to threaten me, and my family. I do not tolerate this belief.

If you buy a bible, you can do the same thing. If you buy a flag, you can do the same thing. I don't have any problem with the first, and my problem with the second lies entirely in the intent (if you're doing it because you're an Amrican citizen who hates America, well I've got a problem with that), but I still support and defend your right to do it.

You can do these things, because we do not live in a theocracy. We do not live in a fascist dictatorship (where burning the flag would almsot certainly be punishable by death). We live in a nation, and a society that does still believe in private property, and freedom of thought, word, and deed (Kelo, McCaiun Feingold, and the "war on drugs" notwithstanding).

It is not necessary that we tolerate the beliefs of muslims when they interact with our society. It is necessary that muslims in America, and the west, accept the laws and customs of our society.

It is necessary that those muslims who live in islamic countries do not do war upon us for being unbelievers. It is necessary that they accomodate and tolerate OUR beliefs, and OUR laws, and OUR cultures while outside of islamic countries; or it is necessary that they be conquered or killed.