Saturday, April 14, 2007

Scammers Lament

[01:01] hi,how are you doing?may i have a chat with you?

[01:02] Chris Byrne: Why not, I'm not an idiot, I work in information security, and I find sales pitches amusing

[01:03] really?what business do you do?

[01:04] Chris Byrne: I consult on information security for banks, medical companies, the government etc...

[01:05] i see

[01:05] Chris Byrne: I also write about security for various websites and magazines.
[01:05] Chris Byrne: As I said, I find random solicitations amusing. They give me material for my writing.

[01:06] oh, great

[01:07] Chris Byrne: So, what's the pitch?

[01:07] sorry,what is pitch?

[01:08] Chris Byrne: Are you selling something, are you trying to get me to fall in love with you and send you money, are you trying to convince me to invest in something, or are you trying to get me to "transfer money" to another country?

[01:09] but you don't do our business

[01:09] Chris Byrne: What exactly is your business?

[01:10] sell shoes,clothes etc

[01:10] Chris Byrne: See, there you go, you're selling something.
[01:10] Chris Byrne: One presumes trademarked goods manufactured in china for far below normal prices?

[01:11] :)

[01:11] Chris Byrne: See, I'm good at this game

[01:11] you won't purchase,will you?

[01:11] Chris Byrne: It doesn't seem likely

[01:13] :)

[01:16] what do you want to do?

[01:17] Chris Byrne: Well, if you have a web site that doesn't try and insert nasty software onto my computer, or steal my personal information, I'll look at it.
[01:17] Chris Byrne: I don't use any browsers with the security holes used for such things, and I visit them using a Linux box so they can't hurt me anyway, but they do tend to be irritating.

[01:18] is your safeness.right?

[01:19] Chris Byrne: Right

[01:19] ok.i know
[01:19] see you later!busy now

[01:20] Chris Byrne: Have fun
[01:20] Chris Byrne: I am SOOO blogging this