Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I think I found our new TV

It's a Sharp Aquos LC-52D62U, 52" 1080p LCD. It gets top ratings in just about every category, and it's available online for as low as $2200 (list is $3400).

It's got a 2000:1 native and 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, which is very good for LCDs of its size; and a brightness of 450cdm^2, which is good, though less than a top quality plasma. Importantly, since I watch a lot of fast moving scenes, it has a 4ms response time (no grey to grey quoted, but the Aquos line is supposedly excellent), which means no motion blur or ghosting. Supposedly, the three color backlight they're using has a longer life than standard LCD models, and produces better color saturation.

Importantly, beacuse this is intended to be a living room TV viewed from all over the room, this TV has an anti-glare screen surface, and a 176 degree viewing angle.

I've seen the picture on this one in person, and it's gorgeous; both in external appearance, and picture quality.

Initially, I was planning on a DLP, because they offering a lot of bang for the buck; but over the past year or so, the prices on plasmas and LCDs have REALLY gone down. I've been having a hard time deciding between plasmas and LCDs (they each have their advantages and disadvantages), but this TV seems just about perfect.

I've been looking in the 47" - 57" range, with a budget of $3,000 and a requirement for 1080p and at least 2 HDMI ports. This Sharp seems to be the best deal that meets those requirements, that I've seen so far.

Now, here's the question: Anyone have any personal experience with the Aquos line, reliability, warranty repairs or returns etc... and any online retailer offering decent prices carrying the TV that they'd deal with? Or for that matter, any other info anyone would like to share?