Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Early Birthday Present

So, the wife gave me a bit of an early birthday present:

Thats a black, Craftsman quiet-glide rollaway chest combo.

Or actually, I got the top:

and the bottom:

But not the middle:

The quiet glide is part of the professional series; and the two pieces I got together usually cost over $400 (the third piece is another $129).

I was planning on picking up one of these:

Which is perfectly adequate, for under $190 even; but when we got to the store to pick it up, the demo models of the pieces I got were on sale, for $240.

Well, for $50 more, I got damn near twice as much metal (160lbs vs under 100lbs), a welded box section tubular frame on the lower, double ball bearing drawer slides, triple locking bars, and 4-1/2" lockable heavy duty casters. Basically, it's the difference between a professional mechanics quality rollaway, and one for a home garage.

Unfortunately the intermediate chest wasn't on clearance with it, and they didn't have any in stock; but I may pick it up later... now I just need to get the drawer organizer crap, and some nonskid drawer liner (HF sells the stuff for like $3 a roll, vs Sears wanting $20).

The only problem with the floor model, is that the metal in the top chest is slightly torqued along the long axis, so it doesn't sit perfectly flat. A couple two by fours and 80lbs of kitty litter ought to fix that pretty quick.

All in all I'm pretty pleased. I've wanted a new rollaway for a while; and this will help with our ongoing mission of organizing the house.

.... it's not so much that we have too much stuff; we just don't have enough ways to store and organize it.

... really..

... no I mean it...