Friday, April 06, 2007

Birthday Wish List Post

So, my birthday is coming up in three weeks; and various folks have asked me to post a wish list.

Well, I've already got an My Wish List and the like (theres actually four or five lists there, the default is "stuff" music, books etc.. are on the other lists linked on the side), so for the little stuff that's fine... actually I really need to update my Cabelas wish list too; it's been over a year since I did... that one can get a little ridiculous.

Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to post the "big" stuff up here.

1. Kimber Ultra CDP II, with night sights and a mag well

Because I already carry my custom champion all the time, but I want something a bit smaller. Say a 3" or 3.5" barrel. In general though, I don't like officers ACP sized guns; because the grip frame is just a little bit too short, and they don't feel properly balanced to me. I like this one though, if you stick a magwell on the bottom. It's just exactly large enough for me to get a good controlling grip on.

2. Smith and Wesson 340pd

You just can't put more power into your pocket than this little bastard.

3. Smith and Wesson 386 Mountain Lite

S&W has apparently decided to discontinue production on this, the greatest belt carry revolver ever devised (yes I'm biased. I had one and loved it and miss it greatly). I'd like to get one while they're still in the distribution chain and before the prices get stupid.

4. Kel Tec PF9

I've been waiting for these to hit distribution for a year. Now, finally, they are in the pipeline. It's a 9mm, thats only 1/4" by 1/10" bigger than my P3AT in .380. Even better, the street price is only about $20 more.

5. POF-USA gas piston upper

I've been looking for the right upper to complete my current lower build; and I'm really impressed with the POF-USA design and manufacturing. This same basic design is also being used for the HK-416 (long and complicated story there), and it's reliable, accurate... and a fair bit cheaper than Leitner Weise, without the 6-9 month wait. All in all, I think it's a good way to go.

6. POF-USA P-308 gas piston AR-10

Well, I've been wanting to replace my Ron Smith M14 EBR for quite some time; but he's not building hem for civvies anymore, and Fulton has a 1 year plus wait time for their M14s, so I've been looking for other options.

POF-USA is now building these gas piston AR-10s, and I really like the look of them. I talked with Chris over at POF, and they are built 100% in America, in fact right in Glendale, AZ. They take DPMS mags, so it's not some weird proprietary thing... from all indications this would be a great battle rifle, and a very good choice as a replacement for my M14.

7. Dillon XL650 with case feeder

This is the best compromise between ridiculous prices, and speed of loading. It's only $120 more than an RL550 (before you add on the case feeder, which is an additional $190), but you get a LOT of additional capabiltiy. I may just get the 550 and save a couple hundred, but this is the one I really want.

'course then I need to get caliber change kits too... hmm, .308, .223, 9mm, .45acp, .45 colt, .357... Yeah, this could add up.

8. Digital scale and powder measure combo

Honestly, I'm not sure whether I want the Lyman 1200 dps, or the RCBS ChargeMaster Combo. I'm leaning towards the RCBS, because the scale is separate and can be used on its own

9. A shed of some kind.

This one here, is an Arrow 10ft by 14ft pre-fab shed. I was going to go for something bigger, or just build my own; but this bad boy is only $500 shipped (plus a floor), vs. $1500 shipped to get a 12ft x 16ft (dimensional and weight charges); so I lose 52 square feet, but I also lose a lot of hassle over building my own, for really about the same cost as the wood I'd be buying...

Code in this town limits me to 200sq foot, and one story under 10ft tall without a permit; so 16x12 is about the most I can do without adding between $500 and $1500 more (or more if they decide I need a variance).

Though, honestly, I may still just build my own. The heat loading of a metal building in this sun vs a wooden one... I dunno yet.

Well that's it, the big ticket stuff anyway. Honestly, I'm a hard guy to buy gifts for, because if I want something, and I can afford it, I usually buy it. Theres a few things where you can never go with in buying gifts for me though. Buying books that I want but don't have (amazon lists are good for that), and of course, buying me .45acp ammo.

You just can't get enough .45; no matter how hard you try.