Sunday, April 15, 2007

He dunno what he's asking for

Rivrdog tagged all the gunbloggers who read his site with this meme:
All of you neat freaks need not reply, you won't have any of this drek lying on your desk.


What calibers/brands/bullet weights of ammo are lying on your desk at your blog station right now?

How 'bout you?

For extra credit, list the knives or edged weapons lying on the blogstation (or within arm's reach):


My blog station happens to be my loading bench, which includes my boxed ammo storage (bulk ammo is in crates, and SHTF ammo is loaded up in mags, in grab-n-go bags); and within arms reach is my field knife box (collectibles and smaller knives are elsewhere), and one of my swords.

Obviously this is all in a locked and secured area; which I also use as my office.

Ok so, on the bench itself I've got:

100 rounds of boxed handloaded 9mm fmj
200 rounds boxed handloaded .45acp Hornady XTP
100 cases primed 9mm brass
1000 cases primed .45acp brass
2000 cases unprimed .45acp brass
1000 cases unprimed 9mm brass
200 cases unprimed .38spl brass
200 cases unprimed .30-06 brass
500 cast lead .45acp bullets(X-Caliber)
500 plated 200gr SWC .45acp bullets (Berrys)
250 plated 9mm round nose bullets(berrys)
200 185gr Hornady XTP bullets
100 185gr .45acp gold dot bullets
100 124gr 9mm bullets
1000 federal large pistol primers
3000 cci small pistol primers
1lb Hodgdon TiteGroup
1lb Hodgdon HP-38
1lb Alliant Blue-Dot
And in mags:
16+1 200gr speed gold dot +p .45acp
6+1 95gr winchester ranger SXT +p+ .380acp
30 PMC moderator 38gr subsonic hollowpoint .22lr
Loose on the benchtop:
1x Lacquer wolf .225 (I wont shoot the stuff)
2x Winchester 20ga 7-1/2 shot practice loads
1x 240gr Hornady XTP .454 casull
1x 9mm dummy round
1x .45acp dummy round
On the boxed ammo shelves, sorted by chambering:

20ga: 20 buckshot 35 practice shot loads
12 ga: 125 practice shot loads, 60 buckshot, 20 "specialty"
.223 Remington: 850rds mixed wolf polymer and PMC, 100 blanks
7.62x39: 300rds silver bear
.308win: 400rds PMC
.303 brit: 80rds Sellier and Bellot
7.62x54r: 100rds Hungarian milsurp
.30-06: 200rds CMP, 40 remington Core-Lokt, Winchester Super-X
.22lr: 1 brick PMC moderator, 1brick Aguila Super Colibri, 1 brick remington subsonic, 150rds federal, 300rds cci (stinger, velocitor, and minimag) 80 tracers, 20 shotshells
.380acp: 200rds winchester white box
9x18: 400rds silver bear
9x19: 1000rds nato milsurp, 300 mixed bulk ammo, 10 shotshells 100rds mixed premium (mostly gold dot)
.38spl: 60rds mixed bulk, 40rds cor-bon premium, 20rds federal hydrashok
.40s&w: 330rds speer gold dot, 20rds hydrashok, 36rds glaser safety slugs
.357 sig: 250rds speer gold dot, 60rds hornady XTP, 36rds glaser safety slugs
.45acp: 500rds mixed reloads and practice bulk, 20rds win ranger SXT, 40rds Cor-Bon, 40rds Taurus solid copper, 200rds speer gold dot
.357 magnum: 160rds mixed bulk, 40rds cor-bon premium, 20rds federal heavy solids
.45 colt: 1000rds PMC cowboy loads
.454 casull: 120rds 240gr Hornady XTP
Finally, the "edged weapons" section:


1 Ka-Bar Bob Dozier custom fighter
1 SOG Agent
1 Benchmade Prototype Mel Pardue Ambush (from my pocket)
1 Katz BlackKat
1 Buck Black Nighthawk
1 Lynn and Cook custom "Saturn"
1 reproduction 16th century pierced plate swept hilt longsword (halfway between a Schiavona and a sword rapier)

Oh and scattered within reach are an x-acto knife set, two gerber multitools and a bucktool, a Kershaw Ken Onion Blackout, and a couple superknives.
4800rds worth of components, 57rds in mags and loose, and 10,440 boxed up, plus the bulk crates and loaded mags in bags...

Think you've got enough ammo there Butch...

Hell no!