Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Holy Crap, I got a Refund!!

So, I had all my taxes estimated and such, but I hadn't filed, because my estimates indicated I'd be owing about $5 grand.

Well, I just filed, and instead I'm getting back about $2500, between federal and state.

Apparently I'd estimated my schedule 179 deductions improperly. My initial estimate was off by $2500, and that was before recalc ulating my AMT etc... I also overpaid my SSN by $490 because I had multiple employers.

I ended up with 5 grand worth of offsets against Federal, AMT (which I would have otherwise owed $1250 of), and state taxes (which I would otherwise have owed about $240).

I've been over it 1000 times, and I'm absolutely sure I've got it correct... which is kinda funny, because I deliberately maximize my witholding allowances so that I owe a bit.