Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last night we feasted...

And this morning, we're off to the shooting.

No hangovers today though (much to the disapointment of my many freinds who wished me a happy dunrk last night). I do drink, but I was loaded up to the eyeballs on diphenhydramine, dextreomorphan, and pseudoephedrine (nasty head cold the last few days), so I was all floaty without any alcohol thankyouverymuch.

Much meat was consumed. I had at least one portion of each of the 11 types of meat they were serving last night; and two portions of the bacon wrapped fillet, top sirloin, roast turkey, sausages, lamb, and flank steak.

Each serving is between 1 and 2 oz, so I'd guess my total meat consumption was about 28oz... plus about 8oz of shrimp.

hmmmm... protein...

Then a good side helping of black beans and rice, fried yucca, and fried plantains; and a coconut flan to top it all off

hmmmm... starch...

Amazingly enough I was actually able to walk to the car, instead of being rolled.

Now it's time for the blasty goodness.