Friday, June 08, 2007

A funny thing happend on the way to the gun shop...

While I was in my local favorite FFLs shop (Derby Guns on Scottsdale Rd. between Thomas and McDowell. Used to be Scottsdale gun center, but is now under completely new ownership and management), arranging to receive the gift from the gods of boom; I spied out something interesting in the used case.

It's a Colt Defender, but it's not even close to stock... It looked intriguing so I asked to see it; whereupon I find out it's the former carry gun of the new guy working there.

I pick it up and it feels REAL nice. Then I try the trigger and it's REALLY REALLY NICE. So I open it up, look down the throat, and what do I see:

A truly expert, and truly beautiful ramp and throat job (the pisture doesnt do it jsutice; it's VERY smooth); matched to a perfect slide porting.

Well, given that polish job, the full bevel job, the hammer, the trigger, the beautifully fitted beavertail, the undercut and radiused trigger guard... and really just the overall feel of the thing...

I thought about it a second and said "Yost built this gun didn't he". His reply was "Yup, Teddy did that for me a couple years ago".

The best part though... he only wanted $699.

Well, I thought about it, put it back in the case, and went home. Then this morning I told Mel about it, and she said "Well we were supposed to get you the Kimber Ultra CDP for Christmas... here's your fathers day gift a bit early".

Needless to say I went right over there and made an offer on the gun, $699 out the door; tax included. They had to wait a little bit to work the numbers and get approval from the manager (a friend of mine) who wasn't there just then; but they called me back a couple hours later, agreed to $699 out the door, and I was over there like a shot (they're not even a mile away from me).

They even threw in the original factory parts that were replaced, and two spare mags; plus it came with the original factory box and two mags.

Now this may be heresy to some of you Colt purists, but I'mna dump the prancing pony grips, because I dont like the feel of them. I'm not sure what grips I'll put on there yet though.

I'm also going to stick an arched housing with magwell, and pick up some Wilson mags; but then for me it'll be a near ideal little carry piece.

I'm just having one hell of a week when it comes to guns.