Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogstation is Tango Uniform Over...

THe blogging laptop decided to go to the great gig in the sky this evening; this is my work issued thinkpad, which has been a lemon from the day I got it.

THis time, adobe acrobat crashed my system hard. wich rendered the filesystem on the boot partition corrupt. This wouldn't be too big of a problem if this WEREN'T a work laptop, but since it is I have to have hard drive encryption, and the second you lost the primary partition, you cannot decrypt the ard drive, and therefore it is dead.

Of course, I haven't taken a backup of this thing since I had to send it out for repairs in March; because I'm a moron. Now I'mna ave to go to field service, and do that dance for two weeks, finally get it sent out and fixed and then spend a week being unproductive while I get everything set the way it should be... plus theres the tree months of data I've lost.

WHat fun.