Monday, June 11, 2007

The tool addicition gets more organized

Sometimes teh intarweebs are useful; for example, I just snagged this deal:

Craftsman 40 in. Riser & Overhead
For $50, marked down from $400...

Though honestly I couldn't imagine who would pay $400 for it... since it's a rollaway accessory (it can also be mounted on a bench) though, you'd be amazed...

I also saved the 90lbs worth of shipping by doing an in store pickup. The warehouse guys were wondering why when they'd never sold ONE of these things in the two years they'd been there (they'd had a half dozen sitting in the corner), they sold ALL of them today (I'd snagged the last one);so I told them about the clearance deal. They agreed only an idiot would pay $400 for it; but for $50 it's a pretty damned good deal.