Friday, June 08, 2007

God's Perfect Breakfast

... in preparation for a busy day.

So when I get a hankering for a real, full breakfast I break into my pantry and fridge, cook and boil and steep for about 10 minutes, and turn the ingredients I always have on hand into this:

My own personal egg and bacon sandwich with a full pot of tea. This is the beauty of having a few pans, some consistency in the pantry, and a real honest-to-god polish sausage maker nearby who also happens to sell REAL bacon. How do you know it's real bacon and not the cheap grocery store artficial liquid preserved crap? Well, in Stanley's case it's because it's hanging on hooks on the back wall instead of residing in the fridge case. Get a two pound block, have them slice it up, store it in tupperware in your fridge and you have real bacon any moment you want it. And we tend to want it quite often.

So what kind of busy day would require God's perfect breakfast?

Well, a few months back we FINALLY finished setting up Chris's office and reloading area. We've been in this house for 16 months and we're just getting everything set up in it's final location. And now, since Chris has his work area, I can have mine. I am claiming the "rumpus" room as my own personal office and work area for my own projects. The only problem is the rumpus room is a public room and has traditionally been the staging area for trips. The Texas preparations and unpacking certainly took its toll.

That is my desk, which until we left for Texas was as clean and uncluttered as possible. Hopefully by the end of today my desk and everything else in the room will be in a state of cleanliness and organization. And once that is done, Chris will be installing drapery rods for this:

The archway between the rumpus room and kitchen. This lack of doorway is why I can get no peace in my office unless I forcibly shoo people out. We're going to fix that with some heavy velvet drapes, one set on each side.

So why do I even need an office? First off there's my new sewing machine, necessary at the very least for hemming Chris's pants and other alterations. I'd also like to try my hand and making some clothes for myself and the girls, and maybe some quilting as well. Then there's this:

While Kommander was busy picking out a hat in Sweetwater I was busy picking this out. It fits my Razr perfectly, and I love the workmanship on it. Chris was lucky enough to find a plain pouch which fits the mags for his P3AT but they didn't have anything long enough for the mags for my Llama 380. So I've decided to make one myself.

Yes, I am entering the very expensive and time consuming world of leatherwork. I've always been interested in leatherwork, between saddle making, holsters, and my own hand-made and tooled leather handbag I picked up at the last Renaissance Festival. I've been having difficulty finding a holster I like for my Llama 380, I don't like the size of most concealed carry handbags, and I'd really like some personalized carry cases for my precious shotgun and rifle. What better way to accomplish everything I want than to take my extra time and learn how to do it myself?

I've decided to start off easy. Chris is in need a few basic belt slides for his new 1911s and I think that's a good place to start. Kommander is loaning me some of his leatherworking tools and there's a Tandy Leather Factory a few miles away. I think within a few projects I'll find out whether I not I'd like to continue. God help me if I turn out to be very good at it because the requests will never end. But at the very least the leatherworking will require time, space, and a relative lack of interruption, the last two being something I hope to accomplish by the end of the day. Then, who knows? Tandy Leather is calling my name, and I have some projects to get done, including some holsters of my own, a new handbag, some belts, maybe a wallet...