Friday, June 29, 2007

Three Questions

I have three questions for those of you who would like to ban guns (though why you would be reading this I have no idea; my website must give you seizures).

You have to answer all three, in a logical and consistent manner; without emotional justification, circular logic, evasions, appeals to the precautionary principle, appeals to authority, statistics (most of the ones you would be quoting are false anyway, and I can prove it to you if you like), appeals to motive, or any other logical fallacy:
  1. You say you feel safer knowing that guns are banned; why is that?

  2. Do you recognize that when guns are banned, the only people carrying guns will be criminals (who ignore such bans because they are criminals. no law will stop criminals from carrying guns); and as such by supporting gun control, you are saying that you're fine with criminals having guns but not law abiding citizens?

  3. Given this, do you believe that the mere possession of a gun turns a law abiding citizen into a criminal menace?