Thursday, June 14, 2007

Front Sight offering free training to Bloggers

Now here is a heck of a marketing plan.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, who (without regard to this plan) I consider to be one of the best training institutions in the country for practical shooting (yes a lot of people don't like the owner, Dr. Piazza - it doesn't change the fact that they offer great training. A lot of people hated Jeff Cooper, and hate Gabe Suarez too), is offering free training to bloggers who link their site, and some reviews and media articles.

What a brilliant idea.

Seriously; it gets them TONS of free publicity among the hardcore gun nut community; as well as getting people into the facility (which is excellent by the way) and publishing reviews on their blogs; which gives them MORE free publicity in a virtuous circle.

Then there's the "google" factor. If they get enough people to do this, Front Sights google rankings when people search for firearms training will go through the roof; getting high relevancy scores and not having to pay Google for search placement.

Here's the terms of the offer:

How would you like to receive a certificate to attend your
choice of a Four Day Defensive Handgun, Four Day Tactical
Shotgun, Four Day Practical Rifle, Four Day Select-Fire
M16, or a Four Day Uzi Submachine Gun course at no charge
and be able to attend the course at any time in the future
that is convenient for you?

This is a $2,000, Four Day Course of your choice at my
Front Sight Las Vegas facility that you can attend at any
time in the future-- at no charge!

Well, I will mail you such a certificate if you will do me
the favor of placing all the following website links on your
personal website, business website or blog.

You can copy the code for the Front Sight links from this

Why am I doing this? Why am I giving you such an
unbelievable opportunity to take a Four Day Firearms
Training Course at Front Sight at no cost?

The answer is very simple:

I'm giving you this opportunity in exchange for you helping
me spread all the great information on Front Sight's
website and all the positive media coverage we have
received for gun owners. By placing the links listed above
on your personal or business website link pages, more
people will see them than ever before and that will help us
positively change the image of gun ownership faster than
ever before.

Plus, I know that once you come out and take a course with
us, you will want to take all our courses, so I am willing
to give you a $2,000 Four Day Course at no cost for helping
me spread Front Sight's message on your websites and at
the same time, build a relationship with you that will
last a lifetime!

]After you have placed our links on your link page, simply
e-mail me a link to the page you have listed our links on
along with your name, address and a personal statement
that you will keep the links on your page for a period of
at least three years.

I will personally review your link page to verify the
links are in place and then mail you a special
certificate, that has no expiration date, to attend the
Four Day Course of your choice. The certificate is also
transferable, so if you cannot use it, you can always
transfer it to someone who can.

Please understand this offer is limited and the
opportunity to get a $2,000 Four Day Course Certificate
will expire (the certificate does not expire just the
opportunity to get the certificate) on June 30, 2007 so
don't hesitate in placing our links on your personal or
business website.

And it you don't have a website NOW is the time to create
one while you can get a $2,000 Four Day Course Certificate
from me to do so.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me
and I will assist you as I can.

Remember, this offer expires on midnight, June 30, 2007!
Take advantage of this opportunity immediately.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Oh and for those of you who haven't heard about it before, Front Sight is also still offering a free course when you buy a GOA life membership as well; which is a program (and an organization) I support wholeheartedly. The course is valued at several times the cost of the GOA life membership, and presents both an excellent value, and a great way to support gun rights.

I'm already a Gunsite grad (though I want to go back), and I definitely want to hit Front Sight, and Thunder Ranch at some point as well. Hell, when I get the chance to have done all three, you can bet I'll have a comparative review up.

I've also had the LFI lecture that Mas gives; but never the full course, and I'd like to get that in as well... probably use the opportunity to visit my family in New Hampshire and Mass.

For me, Front Sight is a great deal especially, because they are just over the Nevada border in Pahrump (though of course not as close as Gunsite in Paulden).

Given how close they are, the quality of traing, and value in it; I've been seriously considering one of their lifetime memberships for a while. Starting at $3000 and going up all the way to $50,000, they let you attend several of their courses (which ones are dependant on which of the levels of membership you buy) for free, as many times as you want, for life.

Obviously the higher membership levels have other benefits as well. The $50k level includes free private range access for life, a Springfield XD-40, a Mossberg 590, a Bushmaster dissipator, and a Remington 700SP with Leupold Mark IV scope; plus a custom Rolex, and a "birthday party" where 40 friends get a 4 day training course, . Maybe a bit crazy to me, but very neat if I had the money.

Anyway, here's the links referenced in the offer:

For those of you who seem to believe this is a scam, immoral, selling out etc... I've written a followup here: The Front Sight Offer Controversy