Monday, November 22, 2010

Hey, that's my Dad

Here's a little QT video of my dad from I guess about two years ago, before he got his lap band (he's lost about 80lbs since). I hadn't visited their website in forever, so I didn't know it was there until just now.

If you've met me, watching this you'll know why I say he we're a lot alike, only he's 8" shorter.

Since I'm stealing the video, I might as well plug his business.

My dad Chris Byrne III is the general manager, and master stonemason, for Stone Design Marble and Granite. They do stone countertops, stairways, tile, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, monuments, outdoor, household, and architectural stone.

As it happens, the get a lot of very high end specialty stone that others can't get; because one of their primary suppliers is my uncle Patrick, who runs one of the largest decorative stone importing business in the northeast.

If you're in the greater Boston area, from Southern New Hampshire to Rhode Island, you won't find a better source for stone than my family.