Friday, November 19, 2010

Permission Slips

So, last week/weekend I went to get my new permission slips from the state to exercise my basic rights of self defense using the most effective means necessary, and to move about freely.

Technically, I was somewhat overdue to get my Idaho drivers license; should have done that within 90 days of moving here, but just never got around to it 'til last Friday.

Actually, as far as interactions with the state go, getting an Idaho drivers license is comparatively pleasant. One person in the office (usually two, but her workmate had taken the day after veterans day off... as had I), I think six folks there total while I was there, total time about 70 minutes including taking the written test (which Idaho requires when you're changing states).

Then Saturday, Mel and I went and qualified for our Utah CCWs. We are now duly state certified (though not authorized til the permits show up) to carry concealed handguns in 36 states (Arizona, Utah, and Idaho; plus all their reciprocal states)... Probably going to get Oregon non-resident as well, as they're a bordering state.

At that point our denied states will be California, Hawaii, Nevada (yes, "pro gun" Nevada has recently re-interpreted its own CCW laws to say that other states don't meet their standards for reciprocity), Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maryland.

Then, we can finally carry concealed while driving across the entire nation, if we start in Oregon, head over to Idaho, then down through Utah to I-40 in AZ (yes, it would be easier if we could go through Nevada)

Obviously, I am only going into this excruciating and ridiculous detail to highlight how absurd this whole situation is.

I climb into my state licensed vehicle, with state required insurance, being sure to carry my state required drivers license, and my four state required concealed weapons/pistol permits; just so I can zig zag across the nation to avoid driving through a state that doesn't recognize my constitutionally protected human right to defend myself with the most effective means available...

And of course, making sure all the while that I keep up with local laws about driving and carrying guns in each state, to avoid committing an accidental felony (of course, by definition there should be no such thin, felonies requiring intent or gross negligence). For example, just a few months ago, my CCW permits would have allowed me to travel through Nevada carrying concealed. If I had read a gun law book published only a year ago, then got pulled over in Clark County.

If I want to use public or private mass transportation (busses, trains, planes), not only am I FULLY denied my right to defend myself with the most effective means available; but I must now have government issued identification to use it.

I'm waiting for my third category of permission slip, my passport renewal. Not sure when that'll be back yet. Then I can have permission from my federal government, and the governments of many nations subject to international treaty, to travel between them.

And of course, I pay for all this with my government monitored salary (from my government monitored and licensed employer), stored in my government monitored (and licensed) bank accounts.

And now, with various taxes and money laundering rules, even if I wanted to live exclusively on cash, I wouldn't be allowed. What with transaction limits, transaction reports, suspicious activity profiling...

And of course, it's all on camera.

And people wonder why nobody says "hey, it's a free country" anymore...