Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome to Winter in North Idaho

It's midnight on the 23rd of November.

Two weeks ago it was in the high 40s. Two days ago, it snowed for the first time at our altitude this winter, but it melted within a few hours.

Right now, it's 8 degrees out. The high temp today was 12, but it was below 10 most of the day; and the overnight low is expected to be -14 (an all time record low for this date).

There's six inches of blowing snow outside, with another 3-6 inches expected between now and 10am.

There are 30 knot steady state winds out there, with gusts over 40kts. The wind chill is -12. By 4am, the wind chill is expected to be -30. The temp isn't expected to climb above freezing for about five more days.

The national weather service is calling it a blizzard.

Ya think?