Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Damn Drugs...

So, I got the remaining blood tests back today, and once again INCONFRIKKINGCLUSIVE!!!

My HGH and IGF-1 are high, but not so high as to indicate Acromegaly. My Cortisol is high, but not so high as to indicate Cushings. I've got most of the symptoms of both, without a clinical explanation, and with no clear diagnostic indicators that can't be caused by a dozen other things

Hell, it could even be one of several subtypes of Multiple Endocrine Neuroplasia, which can present with many symptoms, and no single diagnostic test (other than finding the small tumors that cause it with a PET or MRI) can show it.

We've found a pituitary specialist down in Spokane, and we're going for another series of tests with them as soon as we can schedule it; plus a full endocrine MRI series... which I may have to pay out of pocket for, because the damn blood tests are inconclusive.

My BP is normal right now, has been since I got out of the hospital. My blood sugar is dead normal, in fact my A1C is 5.7%; a lot better than it was back in September (6.2%) when the doc asked me to change up my protein/carb balance.

That's a frikken miracle all by itself. NO-ONE is my weight without being diabetic. Frankly, I think it's the only reason the Doc believes me when I tell him I'm not overeating.

In the mean time, the doc is worried because I've finally started experiencing sleep apnea (since I started on the hormones); which can cause my blood pressure to spike in my sleep; and is killing what little sleep I get.

Basically, everything gets much much worse when you don't get proper sleep (and it throws off hormone levels, and inhibits healing, and causes inflammation etc... etc...) and I haven't had a proper nights sleep in months.

Hell, I've been an insomniac since I was 5 years old. I'm lucky if I can get 4-5 hours a night.

The doc asked me to try a CPAP machine because of the apnea, and I told him "look Doc, I can barely sleep without a damn mask on my head, how am I SUPPOSED TO SLEEP WITH ONE?"

So he suggested I try a drug treatment for insomnia, which should be sufficient to put me into a sleep deep enough to get around the apnea. As of today, I'm on 100mg of Trazodone at bed time.

He gave me a number of options, and together we picked Trazodone, because most of the major side effects of it are either things I'm already experiencing; or they're actually helpful to me.

My previous experience with sleeping pills is, shall we say, not positive; so I have my doubts; but anything is better than what i've been going through.